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Emerging types of ESD events

I have noticed that there is really a continuium of ESD events with CDM, very fast/short ESD events on one end and HBM (device test) and Human Metal Model (system test) at the other extreme. Inbetween there are varying length and speed ESD events, many look like the "spike" at the start of the IEC 61000-4-2 waveform, being somewhat slower and wider than a CDM but still "CDM like." I will quantifiying these inbetween events in the coming months and possibly have a video or articles on them.

CDM = Charged Device Model, a device test meant to simulate a charged device that gets suddenly discharged by contact with another device or piece of metal.

HBM = Human Body Model, a device level test meant to simulate humans handling components

I am working on a new video on air discharge ESD events.

Set up in Boulder City

Hi Everyone,

Well I am set up in Boulder City, NV now. The move has pretty much consumed my time from late last  year to now and recently I had a password issue that kept me from posting, but that has been resolved.

ESD seems to be becoming more of a problem these days and I am working on a new video on air discharge that should be ready around the end of the month. I have found enough of my equipment to produce a new video now. In addition I will be posting some of the scope plots as a Technical Tidbit on http://emcesd.com. I also have a new domain name that, for the moment, points to the same site http://DesertLabRat.com.

I will be posting my new technical podcast "Good Morning from Boulder City" on a regular basis now. Will be recording one this weekend. Go to the Free Audio tab and select General Interest and then the latest podcast.

Welcome to Boulder City!

I have completed the move to Boulder City, NV and now have an office, classroom, and lab. The facilities make it practical to produce nearly daily (when I am not on a trip) audio and video content. I will be doing late morning podcast on technical topics and observations on the technical world. They will be posted here each day.

When I am out of town, I may miss a few days but there will be at least two or three new podcasts per week. Tune in to here them each morning. I recorded the first one on the 27th, just before leaving for SoCal and a client. I will post the link shortly. A new podcast will be coming on Monday as well. Current podcasts will be free and the archive will be available in the membership section.

I will also be adding new videos as I have a good production area in the office.

Audio Welcome


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